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Stewie2K blames bad start with maLeK, admits he shouldn’t be an IGL, answering EVY’s accusations Interview

Jake "Stewie2K" Yip went on Twitch to answer serious accusations from EG's former assistant coach Paolo "EVY" Berbudeau. He brought up many cases of misunderstandings, a rough time being an IGL, and a biased view from the coaching staff. We made a recap of his stream.

  • Stewie partially admitted that his view of the coaching work differs from that of their French team. He thought there was no problem with it. He never had a coach with such a hands-on approach, aside from YNk.
  • Their initial meeting wasn't smooth, and when maLeK called upon some specific behavior that could upset the players, Stewie didn't think it was a big issue. But he admitted pointing these things out is important. He asked teammates if it was OK, and they backed him, saying there was nothing wrong. "It was hard for them [coaches] to accept for some reason."
  • Stewie and Damien spoke for 45 minutes about this topic, which made Stewie uncomfortable. Later on, Stewie says this was the reason for the mentioned incident of him not greeting the coach and ignoring his talk by the end of the first week. "It all goes back to that unnecessary argument," Stewie explained.
  • After that, the Frenchman suggested they visit Starbucks and talk about life. But Stewie found this attempt to evolve their relationship as hasty and unnatural. It also made him feel like he was "being constantly watched."

For some reason, it was never thrown behind us. It was consistently brought back up. Like, we can't move on from this or get over it for some reason. Even after a day, we had a break. We all went out, trying to get a break from CS, having a good time, drinking, whatever. And somehow, we always land back on the same topic. And always somehow had prolonged arguments, where we don't even come into any middle ground. There was no understanding. We got to the point when some of our teammates had to tell us we are not getting anywhere.

It was always brought back to our attention. These first 5-6 days of them not getting involved. But all we were doing was just trying to skrim. Tim needs to get back to form. He's just got back from nine months of Valorant. Will needs to as well, I need as well, cause I suck. CeRq, Vince, everybody does. We need to know each other, it's a brand new five. And there's not really much to implement in the beginning, not yet.

Jake "Stewie2K" Yip
B1ad3 on s1mple's possible break: "If this happens, we'll appreciate everything we had and move forward"

Early development

  • In the beginning, Jake just wanted to practice and get used to each other before bringing the pieces and strategies from his or maLeK's experiences. He wanted some chemistry to be developed. That probably made the coach feel uninvolved. And that led to ignoring some of the ideas, which Stewie doesn't deny were good.
  • EG's IGL addressed EVY's critique on discussing small in-game details before building up a good foundation suggested by the coaching staff. For most parts, Stewie2K explains that he felt they "have it," hence the specifics were more important.
  • Stewie spoke a lot about the detachment of maLeK. He says he didn’t want it to push the coach away or create this barrier. Sometimes, things happen unintentionally, like when Stewie accidentally didn’t accept Damien’s invite on Steam.
  • Things EVY blamed him for, like turning back to the coach, weren't constant but rather happened occasionally. That one moment of "clenched fist," when the assistant was angry, happened after Stewie's joke that may seem rude to the Frenchman. But Yip says EVY never approached him to discuss the incident.

Stewie's mistakes come from his first IGL experience

  • Yip answered the claim that he wasn’t calling in-game at EPL S15 when the EG CEO was there and saw that. He was devastated after numerous losses and still learning how to IGL. He didn’t want to make the wrong call while nothing was working. He blamed himself for this loss but stated the squad wasn’t yet ready and had little practice before the event.
  • Stewie disagreed that discussing specific finishes was a waste of time. He said the team needed these specifics and brought Cloud9 (ex-Gambit) as an example of a squad with strong late-round scenarios.
  • Stewie2k admitted that he isn't "built to be a captain." He claims that after RMR, he realized it and spoke about the issue with the team. He "faced the truth" and suggested replacing him with someone else. By his words, with or without him on the squad.
  • EG's leader claims they get over the situation with maLeK in the end. He spoke to the coach and said he would approach things differently if he had the experience. That's why he was surprised by the coach assistant's sudden attack on his personality. He doesn't understand why he left such a bad impression on EVY.

Stewie pointed out many of Paolo's generalizations and overdramatic statements. Jake thinks he didn't deserve most of his criticism in the way it was brought up on the 1pv podcast.

"Let us do our shit, we won a Major, we know how to play" EVY talks about his time as coach assistant in EG, blames Stewie2K for childish behavior

During the stream and by the end of it, Stewie2K admitted his fault for failing the project. He said he wishes he could do things differently, but there's no such possibility. Additionally, he issued an apology on Twitter.



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