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Ax1Le is carrying Cloud9 on Rio Major with sh1ro. Did you know he nearly got VAC due to account breach?

Cloud9 is the first team in IEM Rio Major 2022 playoffs. And that's after a very hard Challengers Stage, where the team lost first two matches and almost went out of the tournament. Dmitriy "sh1ro" Sokolov isn't the only one carrying the team, Sergey "Ax1Le" Rykhtorov also showing crazy numbers. Ax1Le was the one who basically won the match against NAVI: 1.70 rating, 33 kills and a crazy wallbang.

The text below was published the first time in June 2022.

Rykhtorov is the most stable player on the roster. His last tournament with a negative rating was the closed qualifier for DreamHack Open Leipzig 2020 with Gambit.Youngsters, where supra played instead of Hobbit (remember the old roster?).

Ax1Le's secret to success is in his character. Alexey "RuFire" Burakov, who played with Sergey in 5Balls, noted that young Ax1Le had no emotions during the games.

During the game, he has almost no emotions: he never rages, doesn't scream for joy. I call such people 'a Rock'. This is a significant advantage as Sergey is very stable because of this. Many people burn out and tilt a lot, but it is impossible to piss him off. He sits and plays, and nothing can stop him.

Alexey "RuFire" Burakov

Even his own mistakes cannot make Ax1Le mad: missclicked in the clutch? Make a laugh at it in the winning interview.

Such moments are very annoying. I just got out, accidentally pressed the right mouse button, and started removing the muffler. Died and thought, "Okay."

Sergey "Ax1Le" Rykhtorov

It is difficult to be surprised at Sergey's fearlessness if you know the story from the beginning of his career. He was one step away from an undeserved VAC ban, which could have cost him his career.

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What's up with NAVI?

At CIS Minor Championship 2018 London, Sergey played in 5Balls. In the decisive match of the open qualifiers the team received a technical loss, as Ax1Le's Steam account was hacked: the hacker threatened to put VAC on the account. Sergey remembered that day for a long time.

Terrible story. I was at school, waiting for the evening match. A guy wrote to me and said that our opponents had some questions for the team and me. As a result, due to my stupidity, I lost my account, and I was very worried. I ran home, and we paid off — we gave 15 thousand roubles (around $270 at that moment) to the hacker.

1mpala helped me then — he gave me the money, and I got my account back. Otherwise, things could be very bad. That guy wrote that he would go for VAC. With the ban, my career would have been over. I am very grateful to Stefan. In fact, he saved my career.

Sergey "Ax1Le" Rykhtorov
Source: 1mpala

RuFire completes the story: the case did not end with paying off 15 thousand rubles. Steam support helped Ax1Le. Most likely, they would have helped with VAC as well, but after Jamppi's story, you can’t be 100% sure of anything.

He was just scammed. The guy blackmailed him: "Now I'll use cheats, I'll go MM if you don't send money." The money was sent, but Sergey did not get the account, the story dragged on for a long time. As a result, everything was restored through Steam support. So, the story ended well.

Alexey "RuFire" Burakov

Ax1Le has two MVP medals for 2021 and finished 5th in the HLTV rankings. Will he reach the top 3 this year?

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"I'm with you".


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