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Hobbit's ex-teammate accuses him of matchfixing. Here's 5TRYK#R's story Exclusive

We had a talk with former forZe coach Rustam "5TRYK3R" Alimqulov. Recently he promised to reveal "the truth" about his former team PARTY with Hobbit, and lashed out at forZe, demanding to repay the debt.

At the Rustam's request, the coach answered all the questions in writing. He also promised to answer some additional questions "some days later".

Ex-forZe coach promises to reveal the "whole truth" on his former team with Hobbit, discloses colleague's stream sniping attempt

— Back in 2019, you called PARTY's disband the most difficult period in your life. Why?

— I gave more than half of my life to CS. I created PARTY and invested 1000% of myself in it. With this team, my career was supposed to reach the top. But I was treated unfairly there, I lost the opportunity to continue my career as a player.

— After PARTY you decided to change your role and became a coach. Were you disillusioned with your career as a player?

— I was a part of the Kazakhstani CS:GO elite. And when you end the friendship with 4 players of this elite, it is difficult to continue playing, even if you are right. As practice shows, no man is an island.

— Is it true that the successes of the previous forZe rosters is your merit?

— Yes, I really had been looking for the players a lot. That roster is entirely my merit, I was in charge of all the final decisions. After I kicked LiTTle, it was me who made Jerry the captain. I brought back almazer from inactivity. I found xsepower on FACEIT. Almaz told me about FL1T and I decided to add him to the roster. After that, we became a nightmare of online events!

— But than you left the club. What happened?

— When I joined forZe, was only at the top-70 of HLTV rating. But then we reached top-30. The management started to interfere with me.

The attitude towards me changed dramatically, they began to play dirty tricks: they didn’t buy tickets for the LAN finals, they didn’t help me with documents for visas. After we advanced to CIS Minor London 2018, they did not tell me my cut from the stickers and promised some kind of bonus. The salary did not correspond to my level and results, etc.

— ForZe's CEO Sergey "MegioN" Ignatko appeared in your social media and made several sarcastic comments.

— He is a debtor with zero reputation in the CIS community. He still cannot forget the situation when I left the team during the major on my own. I didn't let them kick me. Money isn't everything.

ForZe owe me $1130 for ECS and PLG. I received the last payment from the organization in November 2019. And ECS paid out the prize money to forZe only in December 2019. There is a confirmation from an ECS representative.

At the same time, forZe brazenly lie that all the debts have been paid to me, without providing any evidence. It is a ridiculously small sum of money for the sponsors that the organization has. Lukoil, FC Spartak, Winline — do they really care about their reputation?!

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In his VK Rustam posted several videos of PARTY's games during StarLadder Minor 2015 online Closed Qualifier. One of the videos shows his team's weird spread-out attack on Dust 2 with the bomb left at CT-spawn. He pointed out that the team misused their nades and missed the window smoke.

Later Rustam showed a dialogue with Hobbit. Abay said that if someone bet his flat on the victory of their opponents (GameplayDNA), he would win a new one.

It turned out that all the stakes on that match (and several other PARTY matches) were banned due to "possible matchfixing".


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