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Magixx's interview: "If the price for winning a major is a bald head, I'm ready!" Exclusive

After Team Spirit qualified for PGL Major Antwerp 2022, Escorenews had a talk with Boris «magixx» Vorobiev. He told us about the formation of the team's new CS:GO roster, the problems the old roster had, and his feelings about the RMR and upcoming major.

— A month has passed since Team Spirit moved their squads and most of the club's staff to Serbia. How everything's going?

— The move went well. The main thing is that my team and I have the opportunity to play and train.

— Now everything is different: LANs are back, but the bootcamp is several hours away from home. Does it affect your morale?

— It doesn't affect my morale at all.

LAN is a different experience compared to playing online. If you played online for a year, you simply lose the difference between an elite tournament and a regular online cup because the conditions are constantly the same, and it gets boring.

— Name several young players that are very good right now.

Donk is undoubtedly the top-1 youngster. I can also mention Get_Jeka and ArtFr0st. They impressed me a lot, and they have excellent mechanical skills. Jeka, in my opinion, is one of the best performers in the CIS in his positions!

— You used to play chess. Does strategic thinking from this game help a lot in CS?

— CS and chess are similar in some ways: the essence of the games lies in the responses to the opponent's actions, but CS seems to be more situational and random because there are moments that you cannot think through in advance.

— In February, you were kicked from the FPL — did they explain the reason to you? You became the champion of the league several times.

— My team and I did not fit into any of the four groups of players that the FPL was divided into: the top 20 of the world, the FPL community, young talents, and old star players. Due to roster changes, we moved up to 190th place in the ranking and got kicked)

"YEKINDAR is in the worst spot, under the biggest pressure". GM on possible reshuffle, tag restrictions, and stickers
"I'm sure that we will come back to the tag".

— What are the main differences between the new Team Spirit roster and the old one?

— In this lineup, players have less experience, especially on LAN. But I don’t see any objective reasons yet that can stop the team and its individual growth. We will soon be able to reach and surpass the level of the previous squad.

— You played with the previous roster in the IEM Katowice semi-finals, but that remained the main achievement of the roster. What went wrong?

— I think other teams simply worked more than us and did it better, so it quickly affected our team results.

— A classic situation for the last season: you are in the lead, but the opponent takes the map to overtime and wins there (G2 at the Blast Showdown, at the Stockholm Major, etc.). Why did it happen?

It’s just that nerves took over at the decisive moment, over and over again, and communication suffered from this: what we repeated many times in training simply didn’t work.

Players (Gambit) have three beautiful mascots: a hedgehog, a gift card and amulets
Three sweet stories

— The club psychologist helped the Dota roster a lot. Does CS:GO have other specifics that he failed to understand?

I think a psychologist understands the specifics of CS and the difference between disciplines, but some things that apply to Dota 2 work a little differently in CS. In any case, the result is the players' responsibility, do not think that the psychologist did something wrong!

— DreamHack Open November 2020, IEM Katowice, Pinnacle Cup — these are the three tournaments in late 2020-early 2021 when Gambit stopped you one step away from the championship/finals. As a result, GMB reached top-1. Did you think "we could be in their place" at that time?

— Only once. Looking at Gambit's results, you can see that we actually faced them a lot. Obviously, we could be in their place, but — as we can see — Spirit lost that competition.

Source: Team Spirit

— The Team Spirit roster then went inactive — you said you were ready to be replaced. Didn't you go on tilt from this?

— Of course not: substitutions at certain points cannot be avoided, so why do I have to tilt? There was just uncertainty due to a long wait for the organization's decision: but in the end, we have a line-up and all the opportunities to work and improve the team!

— How did the club explain the changes in the roster to the players? Do you know why you were left in the squad?

— The fact that changes were needed was clear even without explanation from the organization: the results spoke for themselves. Why they resigned me, I don't know. But it's nice that they believe in me. And I try to justify that trust.

NiP reached EPL's top-4. The thing is they didn't even train with their sniper!
What a team!

— The best player of the old roster was mir — HLTV, for example, put him in 23rd place in the annual rating. But in the end, Nikolai is not in the new line-up, and he does not play anywhere. Why?

— I don't know why Kolya isn't playing somewhere yet. But I think that after the Major, there will be reshuffles in many teams, and someone will be interested in mir.

Kolya is a top teammate and an incredibly skillful player. He is a really, very high skilled player) When I grow up, I want to become like Kolyan!

Source: Team Spirit

— What is the difference between the coaching approach of hally and Certus?

— In my opinion, both are strong coaches. The difference is that hally has a more tactical approach. We always have a game plan and information on how exactly we can beat the opponent. Certus was more about executing trained ideas, and we didn't adjust and change our game depending on the opponents.

Patsi and s1ren are two newcomers from the academy. What are their strongest sides?

— Patsi knows how and where he can get entries in his positions, and he does it quite effectively, which is an essential part of our game; besides, he is quite a positive teammate and maintains a good and working atmosphere in the team)

S1ren improved significantly in 4 months: he became much better at playing. Sometimes I even think that he leveled up faster than I did during my first year in Spirit.

"I either kick a player or quit myself." Team Spirit's manager Korb3n on his straightforward work style
The man who built the champions team.

— How does a team that goes 1-2 in Swiss and is one step away from relegation from RMR feel?

— The team knew that Bo3 matches would follow, where you could afford a little more. In Bo1, you lose half of the map by losing two pistol rounds: so Bo3 is definitely more comfortable for us. We managed to reach the major because we had faith in each other and believed in our training work.

— One RMR before the Major — is that ok? What do you think about the qualification format?

— For me, there is no difference: you just need to show your maximum.

The Swiss system is ok as well. It has been a reasonably familiar way of holding tournaments for several years now. The only problem was the distribution of first and second place: one of the two teams that went 3-0 didn't have to do anything to earn an additional $20k and rating points) This is quite unfair.

— According to insiders, this year, Valve will give stickers to all participants of the major — is this the dream of every player?

— Personal stickers are cool because that's how you can leave your name in the game. It's a Valve's decision at what stage one gets a sticker, and the company cannot be condemned in any way for this because any options are valid.

— Spirit has never left the Challengers. Is the current iteration of the lineup capable of breaking the curse?

— To pass this stage, you need to win three games. I think we can do it. It's all up to us.

Top-8 would be a good result for us. Less than six months have passed since the formation of this roster: such a performance at the Major will be a significant achievement that will show that we are definitely on the right track.

Source: Valve

— Yatoro sacrificed his hair to the god of Dota and won The International. What can you sacrifice to the god of CS:GO?

— Before RMR, by the way, I cut off the dyed strands! If the price for winning a major is a bald head, I'm ready!

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PGL Major Antwerp 2022 PGL Major Antwerp 2022

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