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"YEKINDAR is in the worst spot, under the biggest pressure". GM on possible reshuffle, tag restrictions, and stickers general manager Sergei Glamazda shared his thoughts on the RMR and Major restrictions, explained where the name Outsiders came from and confirmed that the squad will get the Major stickers. The video was published on the team's YouTube channel.

Before the start of the RMR, we were absolutely sure that we would play as It was based on the info directly from tournament organizers, who said that there would be no restrictions. But, literally, in 2-3 days before the announcement, here comes the info that no, you can't play under your tag. And neither I as a general manager nor the team's manager can't go with the players, as we are "connected to".

There was no adequate explanation given for this decision. We understood that the team was going to compete in unequal conditions. A team needs support from management when it's competing at the tournament. Removing this support, you are putting other teams in a favorable spot. GM Sergei Glamazda

Why PGL might have changed its mind

I know some insides. We understand that our Ukrainian colleagues pressure everyone to cancel Russian teams. I'm very surprised that someone is still saying that Alisher Usmanov owns, even though he has nothing to do with the organization anymore, but it is what it is.

I don't want to engage in conspiracy theories, but it's simple math: you understand which tournament organizer will hold the event, and who is the main sponsor of this TO [GG.Bet is a major sponsor for both NAVI and PGL], and how much freedom it is getting from Valve. This TO is allowed to force any team not to play under its tag based on its inner logic, and the company is allowed not to share this reasoning with anyone.

We understand that this is a political decision. Maybe even economical, because you are still removing your opponents, just differently. The main thing is that we are competing and will continue doing so and try not to get too deep into the blame game. GM Sergei Glamazda
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About the name Outsiders

The name came from the players. We had some other options, but they picked Outsiders. Obviously, that's a shitty feeling. Any player coming to the tournament to represent his club, his country will be unhappy that he is being limited in that he can't write where he is from, who his sponsors are, who he is playing for. <...> But our players demonstrated their fighting spirit. Through such things, you are proving how persistent you are. You don't give up and continue playing. My full respect is for the guys. GM Sergei Glamazda

About the pressure on YEKINDAR and a possible reshuffle

Obviously, YEKINDAR is in the worst spot. He is from Europe, from Latvia, and people there have completely different opinions than those in Russia. So he is under the worst pressure of all players. But he is competing, demonstrating his skill. I'm very thankful to him for that. He doesn't give up regardless of the pressure.

We will see how well we will play on the Major and months after that. There is a possibility of changes in the roster, but that's normal for esports. This time, these decisions might get influenced by emotions as well. GM Sergei Glamazda
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About the stickers

On the upcoming Major, we will have the stickers, and it will be Outsiders stickers, not In some sense, that's a unique story because you won't find these stickers anywhere else. I'm sure that we will come back to the tag. It's unclear how exactly these stickers will look. We are waiting for the final decision from Valve. GM Sergei Glamazda

Outsiders qualified to the Major in a Contender status. Team ended up in a 2:2 group and won a nailbiter against SAW, getting their Major slot in the overtime on the third map of the series.



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