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Eastern European teams to miss EPL Season 15 semifinals. The fall of the region goes on

NAVI's loss to FaZe Clan left Eastern Europe (aka CIS) without a single team in ESL Pro League Season 15 semifinal. The region already missed more big events finals than in 2021, and it is only April! In 2021, there was only one big event without Eastern Europe. and Gambit were not able to reach the main match of Intel Extreme Masters Season XVI Winter.


At the beginning of 2022, it seems that the era goes on. Gambit,, and NAVI were through to the IEM Katowice play-off. But after the shocking news from Ukraine which came on February 24, non of these teams was able to take a single map on stage.

EPL S15 was better as three teams qualified for the play-off, and Outsiders ( were just one step from this. But for now, the CIS teams are not in that form and mood as they were just two months ago. NAVI might undergo roster changes with three Russian players on the roster. Players (Gambit) and Outsiders are under pressure and not allowed to play under their native tags. Most likely, they also are worried about the whole situation.

Boombl4's wife supported Russia with a photo. May it cause problems for NAVI's captain?
"I'm with you".

Eastern European teams haven't won a single series in big events play-offs in 2022! They also took only 2 maps from 14 played (NAVI lost 4 out of 4). It looks like their era is ending due to absolutely esports-irrelevant reasons.


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