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Boombl4 is kicked from NAVI due to the "high reputational risks". May it be related to his wife?

Update, May 28, 18:25 CEST:

Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov is kicked from Natus Vincere CS:GO roster. As the club stated, the "decision is related to high reputational risks for the club, and it is not the result of his game." Previously, we shared Kirill's wife's activity on her social networks that could affect this decision.

It is worth mentioning that before The Antwerp Major, Kirill made a statement about the situation in Ukraine.

Boombl4: "I'm sorry for being silent for so long about everything that's going on"

The original article, posted on April 6:

There is a big attention to Russian and Ukrainian esportsmen due to the military actions in Ukraine, sanctions, and political issues. Moreover, this affects even their friends and relatives, including social media accounts.

There are three Russians in NAVI's CS:GO squad: Perfecto, Boombl4, and electronic. Of course, there are a lot of rumors about their future in the club. Natus Vincere stated that there will be no changes at least till Antwerp Major. The Club's CEO Yevhen "HarisPilton" Zolotarov added that NAVI won't work with anyone living in Russia but will try to relocate most of its players.

V1lat: "Everyone will refuse to play against Gambit or"
What`s happening?

So, in this situation, any careless statement may affect the future of the roster.

Boombl4's wife posted controversial photos

After losing to G2 at IEM Katowice (and two days after February 24) Lika, Boombl4's wife, posted a photo with ahegao-face on her social networks: "The bitch is waiting for the master".

On April 6, Lika posted one more photo. There is a Russian flag on her cheek. "I love Russia so much! I was away for some time, but don't unsubscribe from me. There will be many more interesting things. I'm with you", — she wrote.

The fans quickly found out that the couple unsubscribed from each other sometime before, but after Lika's post Boombl4 subscribed back. Many NAVI fans and several casters are demanding Kirill's kick from the roster. However, some people see nothing problematic in Lika's post: she just said that she loves Russia. She said nothing bad about Ukraine.

Electronic has the same problem. His wife liked a post that supported Russian military actions

A week ago media discovered that Daria Sharipova liked a post from Nikolai Baskov, a famous Russian singer. He supported the Russian military politics and stated: "Russia doesn't start wars, Russia ends them".

Gambit might sell its CS:GO roster, but right now this is a pointless affair
Because the Major is right ahead!

Casters Alexey "yXo" Maletskiy and Olexandr "Petr1k" Petryk demanded an explanation from electronic, many fans threatened Denis. Officially, the player and the club did not comment on the situation. At the same time, a month ago, on March 2, Sharipov made a post where he supported Ukraine.



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