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V1lat: "Everyone will refuse to play against Gambit or"

Famous Ukrainian esports and sports caster and Maincast co-founder Vitaliy "v1lat" Volochay discussed the current esports situation in Russia with CS:GO analyst Oleksandr "petr1k" Petryk. He stated that tournament operators won`t let at least two Russian teams play under their original tags and probably it is better for the clubs to sell their rosters.

[On sanctions on russian clubs]

I don`t think there will be any sanctions from Valve related to teams, players, or anyone else. But it is not a problem, because the company created a completely open ecosystem where TOs can make their own decisions. I am sure ESL and PGL will soon announce the same thing BLAST did: there will be no and Gambit at their tournaments. The TOs have the right to decide for themselves whether to allow some teams or not.

ESL and BLAST management know that if they allow VP to participate in the events, then NAVI and 15 other teams will not play at the tournament.

<...> Everyone else will refuse to play. Therefore, the only option for the organizers and players who are still in these clubs is to agree to the TO`s conditions. To do like VP roster did at ESL Pro League S15: to perform under the new name without sponsors and affiliations. That is how the boys will have the opportunity to play CS, Dota, or any other games.

Vitaliy "v1lat" Volochay
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[On russian-speaking broadcasts]

Ukraine is a totally free country, we can talk any language here. I don`t think we can address GodHunt, SL4M, Tafa, and others and force them to speak Ukrainian. What the fuck? We never made any pressure on the Russian-speaking employees.

If someone wants to cast on Ukrainian, we will allow it. If someone wants to continue broadcasting in a laguage he is more comfortable in — no problems.

Vitaliy "v1lat" Volochay

[On Gambit and possible roster selling]

You have to buy them right now, the roster is very cheap. If I were esports manager I`d consider buying Gambit`s lineup, it`s wonderful. Of course, you should move them to another country, perhaps apply there for a residence and change their flag. That`s how you can get a top-tier CS:GO team. There is no life under and Gambit tags, 100%.

Vitaliy "v1lat" Volochay
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[On NAVI`s players from Russia]

If I were NAVI`s boss... Damn, it`s a very hard question. I`ll probably offer the boys this: you leave Russia and move to another country. It doesn`t matter, which one. You have a lot of money, everyone knows you, it`s easy for you to live in any country and take your family with you. You can get a residence permit, start the process of changing your citizenship and continue playing for NAVI.

Vitaliy "v1lat" Volochay
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