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NAVI won their first Major without losing a map

Natus Vincere have won the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 after the flawless run. In the grand finals, they overcome G2 Esports 2:0 on Ancient (16:11) and Nuke (21:19).

The CIS powerhouse hasn't dropped the map the whole tournament. G2 Esports were close to taking Nuke, but NAVI managed to complete a double-overtime comeback. This is the first time the winning team has taken the major title without losing a map.

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G2 Esports started strong on their map pick Ancient, but later NAVI took the lead thanks to s1mple's performance with an AWP. The CIS sniper finished the half with 20 kills. Switching sides, G2 took the pistol round, but after that, NAVI won almost every gun round.

The second map was Nuke, where NAVI had a 17-0 record in the last months. G2 took the lead on the CT side with good performance from most of the team and finished the half 10-5. They even won the next pistol round, but NAVI answered with Deagles the next round. The CIS team managed to hold it to overtime thanks to Niko's miss in a crucial moment. It all went down to overtime, where NAVI finally won it in the second OT.

NAVI got the Major trophy after 15 attempts. It was the first Major championship for all five players. They got a million dollars in prize money. G2 were left with $300,000 for their second place.


PGL Major Stockholm 2021 PGL Major Stockholm 2021


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