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Gambit could not start a LAN era. NAVI on their road to the major title

Intel Extreme Masters Season XVI Cologne became the first big CS:GO LAN event since February 2020. In Katowice, the crowd was denied only a few hours before the doors opening, and we could not imagine that there are 1.5 years of online gaming ahead.

In that grand final, Natus Vincere with flamie stomped G2 Esports 3:0. That was the first big LAN for Perfecto in his black and yellow jersey. A couple of years later, NAVI do exactly the same on the first offline even for another Russian young talent, B1T. This time the scoreline was not that devastating for the Spanish organization, but there was definitely no hope for G2 again.

S1mple looks untouchable for any other pretender on the 2021 MVP throne. He showed his best LAN performance ever and set a record by doing four aces during a single big LAN event. And it is not only s1mple who shined in Cologne. Electronic proved himself as a trusted offline warrior. B1T was also one of the tournament's best players despite having zero experience at such a level on LAN.

Unfortunately for Gambit fans, the 'online era' best team failed to repeat their success on LAN. Yes, they did not fail, but obviously aimed for more. The most bitter thing is the way they lost to FaZe Clan. Karrigan's side came back from 1:11 at T-side on Ancient and also sloppy start on Inferno. This gives haters (and Thorin) the chance to speak about them being 'onliners' for the whole players' break.

Gambit experienced devastating losses in the past and always returned stronger. This time they can do it again and it will be good for the intrigue on the major that is not far at all. Gambit looks like maybe the only team possible to stop NAVI in their best shape. G2 are also doing well, but then there is an abyss, with all respect to Astralis, FaZe, and others.

At the moment, NAVI have the best chance in their history to claim the first CS:GO major title. Of course, there is some time and a couple of events before it, but now it looks like this.


PGL Major Stockholm 2021 PGL Major Stockholm 2021

IEM XVI Cologne IEM XVI Cologne


G2 G2


Astralis Astralis

FaZe FaZe

s1mple s1mple

electronic electronic


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